Brand & Marketing strategist with a proven ability to develop and implement communications that achieve business and financial objectives.


Michael has nine years experience developing brand collateral, advertising, copy and media, giving him a strong understanding of branding, marketing and media processes. His extensive background in digital and technology systems, along with his experience with both agency and client-side gives him a unique understanding of consumer mindset and effective brand strategy.

Working across a range of industry settings and leading brand strategy for a number of local and national clients has allowed Michael to cultivate a substantial professional network and establish a reputation characterised by consistency in development and execution of effective brand and marketing strategies that achieve organisational objectives, align with client values, and drive bottom line results.


I am passionate about visual communication, interested in technology trends impacting future lifestyles and fascinated by consumer psychology. Chances are you will probably find me in a book.

Outside my work life I explore visual communication through photography. I also play football and enjoy a love/hate relationship with The Gunners; watching shows like The Colbert Report and House of Cards; and collecting (and drinking) some fine Whiskeys.


Please visit my LinkedIn for full professional history. If you would like to get in touch, shoot me an email – I will reply as soon as possible.